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Nala Kamana

Satin Fabric Abaya

Satin Fabric Abaya

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Satin Fabric Abaya

Introducing our Satin Fabric Abaya – a luxurious fusion of comfort and sophistication. This abaya is crafted from high-quality satin fabric, offering a smooth and lustrous feel that drapes elegantly. The timeless design ensures versatility for various occasions, making it a wardrobe essential. Elevate your modest style with this exquisite piece that seamlessly combines opulence and modesty. Step into an aura of refined grace with our Satin Fabric Abaya – where the richness of satin meets the simplicity of a classic abaya design.

Material: Satin

Available Colors: Pink, Green, Brown

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2 Extra Large

SKU: NK0024

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